What is Little Steps?

We hope your children will have a wonderful learning experience and meet many wonderful friends and teachers.

We offer a unique English educational program where each child can joyfully expand his or her learning world, learn reliably, and master important skills. Our aim is to support and nurture each individual child’s learning experience through the use of artistic and dramatic methods; taught by caring and well-educated English instructors.

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The Little Steps program

We organize creative activities and group projects as the main program. Beginners learn listening and speaking as their main activity, concentrated on learning English rhythms, sounds, and vocabulary. Intermediate and high intermediate classes focus on reading and writing.

We take the learning process very seriously, and decide the appropriate class for each student after a counseling session.

Fee and system





Toddler (2-3 years old) トドラー (2-3歳)

Toddler (2-3 years old) / トドラー (2-3歳)

1回 2時間30分の長時間クラスです。

It is designed for toddlers to learn English naturally while having lots of fun. The 150-minute class includes lots of activities such as singing, reading picture books, drawing, making creafts, and having lunch in English! This course is available from one day a week to four days a week.

Kindergarten (3-6 years old) キンダー (3-6歳 未就学児)

Kindergarten (3-6 years old) / キンダー (3-6歳 未就学児)


There are thre types of classes: Core English, Drama, and Art. Core English is textbook based and helps kids to build up fundamental skills of the language. Drama helps children to learn English in a more fun and dynamic way usuing their whole body. Art is full of creative activities usuing various materials and artistic methods.
The minimum of two classes must be taken.

Elementary (7-12 years old) エレメンタリー (7-12歳 小学生)

Elementary (7-12 years old) / エレメンタリー (7-12歳 小学生)


The course consists of mandatory classes and elective classes. The mandatory classes are Core English and Drama. Core English is textbook based and helps children to build up fundamental skills necessary at each level. Drama is designed to boost children's confidence in using English while improving their pronunciation, speaking, and presentations skills. In addition to the mandatory classes, students must take at least one Art class or one Reading & Writing class.



As instructors, we understand children through various activities, help them develop their individuality and connect it to their learning experience.

We believe that a child"s potential is infinite if we develop their confidence and lead them with purpose but without missing moments of "awareness."





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